Christie Mystique – Essentials Edition



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Christie Mystique – Essentials Edition

Christie® Mystique Essentials Edition is a single-camera warping and blending tool that simplifies the deployment and maintenance of multi-projector systems by letting users easily and accurately align content on flat screens and surfaces in minutes. With support for up to 12 projectors in a 2×3 double-stacked configuration, Essentials Edition is ideal for staging production companies, integrators and end users looking for an easy way to create simple stacks and blends on temporary or fixed installation applications.

A simple interface guides users through a step-by-step process and provides real-time feedback. Users can achieve professional, high-quality results working with complex projection arrays with no experience required. Working in conjunction with Christie Twist®, Essentials Edition enables the seamless warping and blending of a single display in less than two minutes per projector.

Add the additional security and constant vigilance of Christie Guardian

A powerful optional feature of Mystique Essentials and Pro Venue Editions, Christie Guardian constantly monitors a blended projection system for any misalignment. If Guardian detects a misalignment, it automatically calibrates the image in real-time, quickly, invisibly, and without interruption, even when content is playing, so audiences are unaware of any problem.