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Christie Mystique Lite

With Christie® Mystique™ Lite camera-based alignment software and an inexpensive webcam1, you can warp and blend up to 3 Christie projectors2 in a single horizontal projector array on a flat surface or screen with the click of a button. Exclusive to Christie projectors, Mystique Lite is available in the downloads section below at no additional cost.

Key features

  • Saves money – Download the Mystique Lite software, purchase an inexpensive supported webcam1 and you’re all set to align your Christie projectors2.
  • Saves time – Warping and blending projectors manually can be time-consuming for even experienced projectionists. Mystique Lite keeps simple projector arrays warped and blended with the click of a button.
  • Perfect for simple set-ups – The super-intuitive interface makes it easy to perfectly and quickly align horizontal arrays of up to 3 Christie projectors2.
  • So easy, anyone can use it – Simply download Mystique Lite to any Windows-based PC. Mystique Lite will auto-detect your webcam and projectors on the same network. Mark the corners of your screen and you’re ready to go.
  • Rich upgrade path to the Mystique product family – Ready to align a larger projector array or warp, stack and blend on a more complex screen or surface? You can easily upgrade from Mystique Lite to other tiers of the Mystique family, choosing the edition that suits your project requirements.