Community IS6-218WRG




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Community IS6-218WRG

Weather-resistant 800 SERIES I subwoofer speakers provide excellent acoustic performance, modular flexibility, and elegant aesthetics for modern performance venues. Designed to support the goals of system integrators and consultants, both acoustically and mechanically, I SERIES subwoofers offer a wide range of sizes and capacities that can be specifically adapted to the needs of any modern venue.

Each cabinet has been carefully designed to provide matching face widths and suspension point locations for seamless integration into sets flown with full range I SERIES models when an additional LF extension is needed.

The IS8-218WR is a compact, direct-radiating subwoofer with large, balanced ports that provide optimal enclosure fit and even air pressure distribution to the driver’s cone, reducing distortion and extending the life of the system. The conductors are loaded into individual air volumes within the enclosure, isolating their performance from each other. This arrangement not only provides additional protection to drivers in the event of a fault, but also allows the designer to implement directional subwoofer techniques, such as directed end-firing matrices and cardioid patterns, within a single enclosure when using any model of subwoofer. dual controller I SERIES.