Community IP8-1153/64B




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Community IP8-1153/64B

The Community IP8-1153/64 is an I Series Point Source 800 15″ 3-Way 600W (8 Ohms) installation loudspeaker in black that features a 60° x 40° dispersion pattern and rotatable waveguide. This speaker is well-suited for applications such as houses of worship, auditoriums, restaurants, meeting rooms, theatres, arenas, stadiums, or any other application where a long throw and wide dispersion pattern are needed.

I Series Point Source 800 loudspeakers provide exemplary acoustic performance, modular flexibility and elegant aesthetics for modern performance venues. Designed to support the goals of systems integrators and consultants both acoustically and mechanically, I Series includes a wide variety of arrayable, rotatable coverage patterns and a comprehensive selection of modular bracket systems that accelerate system design and system commissioning.

FEA-optimized linear suspensions, high-flux neodymium motors, and integral demodulation rings ensure precise transducer motion control and very low distortion at high SPL levels. The custom long-excursion LF driver delivers deep bass response and a balanced midrange in the most demanding applications. The matched diaphragms on the HF and MF compression drivers provide natural, transparent sound quality with unrivaled intelligibility and transient response accuracy that complements any source.

The rotatable 18-inch (457mm) MF/HF waveguide provides well-defined coverage and a smooth off-axis response that enhances arrayability. The acoustic 8th order MF/HF passive crossover produces a smooth, consistent vertical off-axis response free from the polar lobing and power response losses inherent in similar systems. User selectable biamp or triamp operating modes further expand performance capabilities.

Community IP8-1153/64 Features:

  • Matching ketone polymer MF and HF diaphragms provide uniform sound quality from 500 Hz to 20 kHz
  • M200HP midrange compression driver for signature Community intelligibility and low distortion
  • FEA-optimized suspensions and neodymium motors with integral demodulation rings in LF and HF
  • Large rotatable waveguide, user selectable biamp or triamp operation
  • Innovative low profile modular bracket systems create elegant arrays with simplified installation