Community IV6-1122/05




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Community IV6-1122/05

SERIES Modular Vertical Array 600 is a scalable, adaptive sound reinforcement system with multiple vertically arrangement elements designed to be used in combination or separately, and with or without separation between cabinets, providing a wide range of vertical coverage angle and configurations shooting distance. Two carefully chosen matrix elements, 120 ° x 5 ° and 120 ° x 15 °, overcome the physical limitations and acoustic tuning difficulties of conventional linear matrices and constant curvature (point source) matrices while maintaining the best qualities of each. Two complementary and discreet coverage angles. allow creation of true line array configurations for longer shots, smoothly progressive bend bend arrays for medium-size applications and compact constant-bend arrays where near-field point source coverage is required. Restricting the gap angle between any adjacent elements to 0 °, 2.5 ° or 5 ° eliminates excessive coverage overlap as well as gaps in coverage between adjacent elements that occur when typical line array elements are deployed in their straightest form. or more curve configurations. Standoff brackets also provide proper fit between IV6 elements to tailor a die’s vertical coverage angle to fit the needs of any application. After solving the physical array configuration needs, Typical vertical arrays still suffer from level and frequency response imbalances between the closest and the furthest listeners. Based on multi-channel DSP There are solutions available to help correct these problems, but they are often complicated and expensive. Instead, the IV6 has a built-in passive system to solve problems that do not require additional amplifier or DSP channels, called Passive Acoustic Optimization (PAO). PAO provides up to 19dB of frequency selective attenuation in 1.5dB steps within each element, enabling passive level correction and response throughout the vertical coverage plane of an array. In addition to the standard series of aiming features found in EASE® Focus 3 software,