Community R2-64MAX




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Community R2-64MAX

The R2-64MAX is a three-way, full-range loudspeaker system designed to provide “No Compromises” premium music reproduction at very high output levels, and also improves the legendary R2 voice projection and intelligibility capabilities. It is designed with the same materials and construction as the standard R2 for extreme weather resistance, and can withstand long-term exposure to tough environmental conditions. The R2-64MAX is constructed with premium components in a biamp format to maximally optimize its performance. It uses a 1.4″ exit HF compression driver that features a copper shorting ring and hybrid diaphragm to reduce resonances while maintaining excellent HF extension. Operated with a high crossover frequency, the large HF driver maintains very high headroom, delivering effortless performance. The dual, high power 12″ LF drivers feature an aluminum demodulation ring for very clean, low distortion performance. The midrange features a higher performance version of the legendary low compression ratio M200 2″ exit compression driver, achieving 3 dB greater output with extremely low distortion. The passive MF/HF horn signal aligns the drivers for the best possible music and speech performance. The result is an excellent loudspeaker system that is capable of exceeding expectations in any application.