Community R6-Basshorn



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Community R6-Basshorn

The R6-BASSHORN is a high output, high power low frequency system designed for long throw applications in larger arenas, stadiums, and other large scale facilities requiring high output levels with superb clarity. The R6- BASSHORN will array with effectively increased pattern control and, through mutual coupling, with higher efficiency at lower frequencies. The R6-BASSHORN has six, high sensitivity 12- inch drivers with powerful, heavy-duty motor structures mounted in a one-piece fiberglass, 42 Hz flare rate horn that is surrounded by a rigid fiberglass weatherproof cap. The R6- BASSHORN is designed as an optimum low frequency complement to horn loaded full-range systems (such as the R2) in terms of its output level, pattern control, frequency range and physical dimensions. Proper implementation with a full-range system requires an electronic crossover and alignment signal delay along with appropriate equalization.