Community RMG-200AT




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Community RMG-200AT

The RMG-200AT is a complete horn/driver system designed for use in stand-alone voice-range sound reinforcement and announcement/signaling applications. The RMG-200AT provides focused, high output sound projection, with predictable performance and exceptional long-term durability. The horn portion of the assembly is a handcrafted one-piece waveguide, precision molded in hand-laminated, fiber-reinforced fiberglass for optimum performance. With substantial fiberglass layering and integral throat and driver flange construction, the horn is built to withstand substantial torque loads. The inherent strength and rigidity of the fiberglass construction enhances sonic efficiency by preventing sound energy loss, as well as providing inherently weatherproof fabrication. The compression driver is a high output, high sensitivity loudspeaker that is configured with the diaphragm facing forward, isolating the voice coil and magnetic structure from the environment. The one-piece, non-metallic diaphragm/suspension offers exceptional resistance to the effects of humidity, dust, and corrosive atmospheres. The large area, low compression phase plug loading and large magnet structure exhibits extremely low distortion at high outputs while maintaining high efficiency and low power compression. A fiberglass rear cover protects the driver and transformer from the effects of weather and corrosion. A factory-installed weather-resistant steel swivel yoke bracket is included.