QSC Core 5200




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QSC Core 5200

For large installations or computer system customers who wish to implement audio, video and control (AV&C) solutions throughout the building, QSC has partnered with Dell ™ to offer the first combination that integrates the real-time operating system processing capabilities Q-SYS ™ with the Dell R740 server platform. The result is the only AV&C computing solution available today, built with standard computing hardware

The best in the industry, standardized commercial solution: The Core 5200 processor is the first professional solution available at AV&C that combines standardized commercial server technology with the scalability of a real-time operating system (RTOS) AV&C specifically developed for this purpose, which offers incomparable IT scalability and integration capabilities to other audio, video or control solutions. Data center processing: Take advantage of the fascinating business infrastructures and install your Q-SYS ™ Core processors along with other IT services for buildings such as VoIP and UC&C, security servers and access control servers. End-node capabilities: Fully compatible with current and upcoming Q-SYS peripherals, including I / O Frame, I / O-8 Flex, PTZ-IP conference cameras, I / O-USB bridge, Q touch screen controls -SYS ™, location stations and network amplifiers. It also takes advantage of a wide variety of network solutions to integrate a wide range of network peripherals from other manufacturers.