Shure BLX4




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Shure BLX4

Analog wireless receiver provides improved linearity and frequency response with group and channel scan for easy set-up. Features include microprocessor internal antenna diversity, frequency QuickScan, and two-color audio status indicator LED.

The Shure BLX4 is a single-channel tabletop wireless receiver compatible with the BLX1 bodypack and BLX2 handheld transmitters. Compact and lightweight, it houses internal antennas and is ideal for portable use.

The BLX4 features one-touch QuickScan frequency selection to quickly search 123 available frequencies and locate a clean RF channel in case of interference. It employs microprocessor-controlled diversity technology to reduce dropouts. BLX systems allow up to 12 mic channels to operate simultaneously in each frequency band, at a range up to 300′.

Located on the front panel, an LED display shows the RF frequency group and channel, while two LED status indicators inform you when the system is ready to operate and alert you if your audio is clipping. The receiver offers 1/4″ and XLR outputs for connectivity to PA systems and mixing boards.

  • XLR and ¼” output connectors
  • Two-color audio status indicator LED
    • Green:  Normal audio levels
    • Red:  Excessive audio levels (overload / clipping)