Atlona AT-PS-POE

Power Over Ethernet Mid-Span Power Supply



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Atlona AT-PS-POE

The Atlona AT-PS-POE is a 48 VDC mid-span power injector designed to send remote power to HDBaseT products that operate on IEEE 802.03af Power over Ethernet. When placed within an HDBaseT transmission line, it allows two PoE-powered products to work together. The power supply features two power switches to selectively send power up- or down-stream. Both power streams can operate simultaneously. With a bandwidth of 10.2 Gbps, the power supply supports 4K/UHD resolutions, multi-channel audio formats, and offers full 3-D pass-through and passes all HDCP signals. The PS-POE is housed in a compact enclosure and can be conveniently placed anywhere between the transmitter and receiver to provide power for PoE-powered devices.

Power Source Equipment (PSE) devices have an internal power supply or plug into external power supply and provide power to the HDBaseT cable. Powered Devices (PD) receive their power from the HDBaseT cable.

The PS-POE can be used with Atlona HDVS-200 and UHD-EX Series HDBaseT endpoint devices requiring remote PoE powering, especially when used with HDBaseT-equipped products that do not provide PoE, including displays, switchers, or third-party endpoints.

  • Power supply for remote powering for powered devices on HDBaseTTM transmission lines
  • Mid-span power supply
  • Power switches for incoming and outgoing line
  • Supports 4K/UHD signals
  • Upgrade for PoCc systems
  • Low-profile, discreet enclosure